Client Testimonials

Math and Independence

Sleep and Energy

I hope you are well.  I have been meaning to touch base with you a while now.  I wanted to update you on how things are going in our family. 

1st of all, I have to brag that H's report card was very good.  She has an 84 average and had 3 comments about working independently!  We are very proud of her and she is very proud of herself.  She has also been put into a math intervention program (I believe math is the only subject modified).   I believe that this program is addressing the developmental gaps she has had from grade one.   J.W.

A. got up this morning on her own for the first time in a very LONG time!!! She got her school work and exercises done last night and had time to read! She usually drags everything out and has no time. She is noticing this and liking it. She had more time this morning because she got out of bed so she could do her hair, etc. Good that she is noticing and not me telling her what to do!!!
Little steps but you are making a huge difference!!!  Thank you.  H.H.


Leg and Feet Changes

L. J. was wearing sandals last night.  Before, her right ankle would kind of cave in and her heal would tilt out and it's not doing that now!!  WOO HOO!  Also, when we started doing the activities  a mere month ago, I could see that her knee was a lot lower than the left one when she sat straight for the exercises.  Now, the knees are much more similar in height from the floor.  Thanks so much!

Social and Attention

She isn't the same girl you met!  M. seems perfectly fine.  No impulsive behavior, she looks healthy, she is not having double vision or incessant coughing, she is happy, doing great at school and socially. She has joined the school basketball team and takes drama classes with a dozen girls from her grade. She is even into fashion and making sure her hair looks good.  

Life Skills and Learning

He has IMITATION skills and is better at keeping rhythm and can find a beat; he enjoys 'dancing'.  He has  individual use of his fingers.
He can fill in missing letters in sight words i.e..: d_g =dog.  Sleep has been better. He has been very good at going potty in the chair. He has more facial expressions.  He is beginning to enjoy swinging and rocking.  We're so proud of his  progress -- he's very proud of himself, too!  

Course Testimonials

  • Very information, hands-on information.  Easy to do. A. B.
  • The tactile activities are a simple way to naturally encourage physical and emotional development.  O.C.
  • This program needs to be promoted among many more professionals including social workers/ adoption specialists.  L. B.
  • Janet, you are the Best Training Teacher I know.  I’m so glad coming to the seminar.  Thank you.  V.D.
  •  This course was a real eye-opener into what might truly be going on inside of these “problem” children.  T. N.
  • One of the best classes I’ve ever taken.  L. S.
  • Janet offers a very dynamic approach to working with children and demonstrates her passion and expertise throughout.  S.A.
  • The content is relaxing and so informative.  It brings simple things back to reality in daily life.  A.A.
  • Very clear and concise presentation.  Nice job! A.P.
  • Very pertinent to everyday routines. U. P.
  • Functional, practical, developmental information to implement to reach children’s needs and share with families in  daily living activities. C. A.
  • Very informative, exciting information, great course.  G. M.
  • Outstanding course, learned new techniques.  C. C.One of the best classes I’ve ever taken.  L. S.

  • The world needs to open their eyes to this new approach of Early Childhood Education and child behaviors.  Let’s pass on meds!!  Loved the course!   L.P.
  • This is where understanding begins. D. J.
  • This work just makes sense because it helps bridge so many different frames of references giving it all a common language.  The most exciting aspect of this course is the practical application of everything you learn to improve function regardless of age and ability.  V. D.
  • It is so exciting to see how quickly things can change.  F. G.
  • Excellent course for beginners and experienced therapists.  F. G.
  • Excellent!  M. C.
  • We now have answers and a fuller understanding of the behaviors we have been seeing in the past five plus years. D. M. 
  • This course helped me connect the dots between my observations and instincts and what research has revealed.  I am excited to use these tools to further aid my students’ development.  S. S.
  • I felt like Janet not only gave a lot of information on the Big 8 reflexes, but also gave us activities to implement in the classroom immediately.  K.W.
  • Great course and knowledgeable teacher.  It opens more windows to seek more information and answers to some of everyday problems that we see with children that we treat.   J. S.
  • Persons who receive this instruction will find it to be transforming and their work with children much more effective!  F. M.