Getting started as a course sponsor

We need a date, course and place to start the process.

Preparation is the best way to succeed.  We need 15 or more participants. Depending on the situation, the sponsor receives two free tuitions or the monetary equivalent. Depending on the size other parameters are made by agreement.

Finding a Date:

Dates often depend on location.
Be aware of holidays and breaks. June and December are rarely good months.
Course are best organized at least 6 months before the course date

Location Requirements

o   The room needs table or a writing space plan (not always a table) for each participant, enough floor space for the tables, mats, and for some movement. 

o   Each environment should include an outside space when possible for recreation at lunch and breaks.

o   Obviously, a toilet needs to be available.

Issues to consider

o   Adequate parking

o   Easy access

o   Environmental sensitivity issues

o   Allowance of snacks and water

o   Closeness to hotel, if necessary

o   Natural light a plus

o   Cost is a consideration since the location cost comes out of the sponsor’s monies.
Private, church or community meeting rooms may be less expensive than a hotel or commercial space.

Date Considerations

The courses are either 6 or 12 hours long, which can be on 1 or 2 days (6 hours a day), usually on weekends.  One popular arrangement for a 12 hour course starts Friday evening at 6:30 or 7:00 for 2 hours, all day Saturday 9-5 (7 hours with one hour lunch) and Sunday 1-4 (3 hours).

Most weekends are open, but beware of holidays, especially local celebrations or conferences that can interfere with attendance.  Use a calendar that lists most holidays to plan.  When dates are agreed on, call or email our office to ensure the date is available.  We will email you an agreement and the brochure template, if desired.  Important: Read the entire brochure for any other changes or typos.          

Finding at least 15 paying attendees               

o   Email the brochure to your email lists at least 2 to 3 times before a course. The first time is 2-3 months before course, next 6 weeks before, then 3 to 4 weeks later, right before the early registration expires.

o    If you want more attendees than those in your team, email or mail the brochure to any local practices that may have an interest, such as, OT, PT, Educators (esp. Montessori and Waldorf schools), public schools, colleges with OT and PT schools, psychologists, alternative health practitioners, speech therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, music and art therapists.  Also association for different neurodevelopmental differences, such as, autism or ADHD, may agree to post the course in a newsletter or calendar.

o   Ideally, these places are emailed, regular mailed, and even visited to drop off materials.  The more face time and familiarity with the representative person, the more increased participation. 

o   It can be a good idea to have a free community meeting or tea to introduce the basic idea and the importance of the courses.  This can be a relaxed affair at the location, a home or a free community room.

o  Typically, one person out of a 100 contacted, sign up for the course. Think Facebook and other social media to get the word out.