FREE Community Information Meetings

Community information meetings are a way to get the fascinating and effective approaches of neurodevelopment and reflex development out to the wider community. These presentations take many forms and are usually 45 to 90 minutes in length. They can be sponsored by Plan for Learning and Living or another organization. Sometimes they are given previous to an upcoming course. Although the information and activities are generally about neurodevelopment, the meeting can be tailored to any issue, group or interest. Contact our office if you are interested in offering a community information meeting for your groups.


Frequently Asked Questions about Community Information Meetings

Where can  Community Information Meeting be held?

Organizations and spaces that consider giving Community Information Meetings:

  •          libraries
  •         community centers
  •         government buildings
  •         coffee shops
  •         grocery stores
  •         private schools
  •         home school groups
  •         religious groups
  •          associations, such as those for autism, ADHD, dyslexia etc.
  •          local radio or TV

When do  Community Information Meetings happen?

Most people find the best reception on weekday evenings, although with good advertising, Saturday can work, as well. Remember to check a calendar for holidays or school breaks, since these tend to lessen attendance.

What kind of space is needed for a Community Information Meeting?

We can tailor the presentation to the space available. Many people do like tables or writing surfaces, but this is not essential. Some places allow and even provide snacks. Usually there is a wall or screen for projection, but this can also be worked around.

Can Community Information Meetings be Individualized?

Plan for Learning and Living has dozens of prepared Community Information Meeting formats. Ask for what you are interested in and most likely, we can oblige.