Janet Oliver PhD. in progress, has owned and operated Plan for Learning and Living for over two decades. She is an expert in identifying the roots of learning and behavioral concerns.  Using her wide-ranging education and clinical experience, Janet becomes a detective into how the brain’s sensory, motor and reflex interactions affect behavior and learning.  She finds the clues that show how to efficiently address life and learning issues for each individual. She has developed a holistic, effective program matched to each person’s goals and environment.

From her experience as a Montessori teacher, private school administrator and parent of special needs children, Janet knew the answers to learning issues were not in effort alone.

Janet started her work by asking the questions that are sometimes missed by teachers and psychologists:

  • Why do intelligent people have trouble with seemingly simple tasks?
  • Why do people feel they are not in control at times?
  • Why does sustaining some tasks exhaust some and refresh others?
  • What stresses people whether they are aware of it or not?
  • How can one naturally help the body-brain system gently address issues?

Janet is a master teacher in reflex and neurodevelopment and instructs courses throughout the United States and Europe. Parents, teachers, therapists, and others seek out her courses to learn how development affects life and learning and what can be done to remediate barriers to learning and well-being. It is Janet’s greatest wish to help others to meet their potential and to enjoy the life God has given them. She also has a passion to spread the knowledge and research that she has gained through her decades of experience. Let her help you today.