What are Reflexes?

Asymmetrical Tonic Neck Reflex in infant

Asymmetrical Tonic Neck Reflex in infant

Reflexes are automatic motor responses to sensory triggers and are activated from the lower brain.  Primitive reflexes are usually only active in the first months of life, until the upper brain gets control of the muscles involved in the reflex pattern. Due to many factors, reflexes may not be inhibited by the upper brain or may not ever activate before or during birth.

Reflex differences can cause many immaturities in the sensory-motor system causing inefficiencies in living and learning activities. The factors that influence reflex functioning revolve around an individual’s neurodevelopment and environment.

Plan for Learning & Living Reflex Sessions address the client's concerns through addressing differences in primitive and lifelong reflexes. This approach can often remediate many motor immaturities and inefficiencies, whether originally begun by immature reflexes or not. Since motor abilities affect much of life and learning, Reflex Sessions are one type of remediation. Both the Full Neurodevelopmental Program and the Screening include a full reflex assessment.

Janet Oliver presents reflex and development courses of all lengths to all audiences. Our office can help you know what is necessary to  sponsor a course, just contact us.