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Find the treasures
in your own brain & body

Plan for Learning and Living has been a great place to find answers to puzzling behaviors and issues for over two decades. Our success is based on using the natural resources that all people are born with to address issues of trauma and stress in a modern, overwhelming world. By tapping into the developmental resources, natural regulation and healing can occur.

Due to neuroplasticity, people of all ages have an opportunity to change the body and brain's reaction to stress and trauma. Everyone can find more peace and ease in the way the body functions and the brain processes. Find out the secrets to your own or your student's optimal functioning through programs and courses given by Janet Oliver, MA. You won't regret it.

Where body, mind & feelings meet  


Increase conscious connection between the lower automatic brain and the upper thinking brain through neuro-development. Developmental resources can be accessed when the lower brain functions efficiently. Discover the natural, gentle way to increase learning for the body and brain that enhances living for all ages­­­­­­­.

Soaring to a better tomorrow