"This program ended up helping the whole family"  - K.B.

"He came home and wanted to do his homework!"  - C.C.

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Complete Neurodevelopmental Program for Sensory Motor Reflex Integration

HANDLE approach + reflex integration = SUCCESS!

For the best results, we recommend the Plan for Learning Complete Neurodevelopmental Program.  The program gives the best and most exact evaluation, training and follow-up of each individual’s neurodevelopmental needs.  For chronic, long standing issues, the Complete Neurodevelopmental Evaluation provides the needed information to design a successful program to get the client to the identified goals. 

The evaluation is about two hours long and is designed to be non-stressful, yet complete.  The evaluation is designed by The HANDLE®  Institute as an observational assessment of the sensory-motor systems.  Added to the THI evaluation is a thorough measuring of the primary and postural reflexes. 

Later, a two hour training session allows questions and answers about the evaluation, as well as, an introduction of the activities and games that are used as home-play to move toward the client's goals. Both client and family are  respected as a part of the goal and decision-making for the program.  This insures that the program can meet the time and energy constraints of the family and not add another layer of stress. 

One to three weeks later, the fine-tune review makes sure that everything in the program is comfortable and activities may be adjusted as needed.  The six monthly reviews move the program forward toward the goals.  On the third or fourth monthly recheck visit, progress is measured for the direction of the second half of the program.  At the end of the program, another recheck helps to plan the next step. Many people's programs have made it to the established goals by this time and a maintenance menu is designed for ongoing support.  If any follow-up is needed, a new program can be started or packages of visits can be separately purchased. 

The evaluation, training and reviews are recorded on DVD and clients receive a written list of activities as well as descriptions, usually with pictures for each activity.

Example of a home program activity:

Other Sessions Optimizing Neurodevelopment

Reflex Screening
Occasionally, clients start a program by addressing the reflex system alone. This can be an adult or child with splinter issues or limited time. The Plan for Learning Reflex Screening evaluates only the motor patterns of the body that point to retained or abnormal primary reflexes. This appointment allows for the checking of 4 to 12 primary reflexes and the integration patterning of one to four reflexes.  An estimation of the number of visits needed will be reported at this time. Follow-up visits are two to six weeks apart. A Complete Neurodevelopmental Evaluation will be recommended if the sensory system continues to trigger primary reflex responses and the gravity and body senses are too weak to sustain progress. 

Many clients want consultations to help them with issues on school choice, home or school environment and other issues.  These issues issues are addressed with the Complete Sensory-Motor-Reflex Program. 

Traveling Reflex Integration Sessions

Traveling sessions are usually scheduled in the time allowed during a Fusion Course or intern supervision visit. These are Reflex Sessions.  If a Complete Neurodevelopmental Program is recommended, we work to find a local practitioner or intern to help with program follow up. We also provide taped or video conference follow up visits when possible

The Triad of Human Development 

 Humans are designed to be born with an unfinished body/brain system. We also have a set of natural assistants to help optimize our development. The outer environment can work with or against our inner environment. Together these components develop our infant senses and reflexive movements to unfold our potential.  This marvelous growth can be interfered with by many challenges: toxins or stresses in utero or after birth environments, genetic propensities, traumatic births, health issues and other problems. 

The great news is that our system also gives us resources to address dropped, delayed or damaged developmental threads.  By tapping into these resources for growth and development, life and learning can be easier, more integrated and much more fun. 


The price for the Complete Neurodevelopmental Program package is $2050.00.  Half of this amount is due at the program training and the rest is due six weeks later.  Major credit cards are accepted. 

A Reflex Check includes the checking of 4 to 12 primary and postural reflexes and may include a short home program.  The first visit is usually 75 minutes. At this visit an estimate of the number of future visits is usually suggested.  The price is $150 for each visit.  Packages are available with discounts of 5% on 3 visits and 10% on 6 visits if paid up front. 

Consultations for school discussions or tutoring are $75 per hour.  Adult screening opportunities are also available.  

HANDLE Program Description

Reflex Session Description

Distance Consultations

Under certain circumstances when person-to-person contact is not possible, Janet can do a neurodevelopmental program review or a reflex session using video conferencing.  Once Janet has received the history form (see below) and payment of $150, the 60 minute Skype video session can be scheduled.

Before the video session make sure you

  • ·         email officesupport@planforlearning.com  or fax at 952-928-7891 the history and intake forms to the Plan for Learning office at least 24 hours before the session
  • ·         call the office to charge or send a $150 check to arrive before the session
  • ·         download and test the free Skype system
  • ·      clear a space in an area for the session that is least 8’ X 8’
  • ·         check that your computer and computer camera can be moved for easy viewing of the floor and the client standing
  • ·         arrange the camera and computer so that it is not facing a window, due to glare
  • ·         make sure that the time arranged with the Plan for Learning office is in Central Time Zone or in the time zone that Janet is in at the time of appointment
  • ·         if you are not called within 5 minutes of the proper time, call Janet at the Skype name janet.luce.oliver

After the session you will be emailed the session notes, activity list and activity write up. If you need any specialized equipment, you may choose to locate this for yourself locally, online or pay the Plan for Learning office $7.00 for postage and handling to send the equipment.

If you have any follow up questions or concerns you may email or call the office for a brief check-in. These session are booked session to session, so progress can be measured and future recommendations can be made.

Program Intake Forms:

Client History

Early Childhood History

Intake Cover Sheet

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