"This is a common sense approach that works!" - R.B.

"I can't wait to be at the next class!"  - F. C.

"The materials are fascinating."- M.G.

“I went home and worked with my children.  They had retained reflexes.”- N.E.














Fusion Trainings

Large or small Fusion trainings will bring you an experience you will never forget.  Become a Fusion Sponsor and you get training that works as a fundraiser for your organization.  Depending on costs, you only need 12-15 paying participants to sponsor a training. Add a location and agreed upon dates and off we go. 

Choose from some of our most popular courses or modules to receive your first step into completing the Fusion's Full View of Sensory Motor Development.

The Big Eight - a 12 hour training on the most frequently retained primary reflexes, what they might look like, how they affect life, and how to address them.

Eight More Plus One- a 12 hour training on important and impacting primary and postural reflex patterns. Learn to recognize, understand and address them. 

Sensory Motor Developmental Issues in Life and Learning - a 12 hours learn to observe and tune into the language of behavior and how the sensory-motor areas affect all that we do.  Through experiential activities and practice, find the subtle reasons behind issues in life and learning.

Facial Reflex Patterns for Eating, Speech and Inner Ear Functioning - a six hour training on how retained or atypical facial reflex patterns can interfere with communication and daily functioning and activities to address them for better eating and speaking. 

Birth, Bonding and Attachment Reflex Patterns -a six hour training on how traumatic birth and after birth experiences can disrupt reflex integration and daily life and how to repair the programs that affect bonding and attachment. 

Spatial Cognition and Language - a 12 hour training on how body space awareness is the key to language processing and receptive language understanding. 

The Gravity Sense - a six hour course about the development, interactions and accommodation of humans' most ignored sense. Learn to see and use gravity for improvement throughout the sensory motor system.  Come to understand how gravity is key to our life and learning development and what to do when it becomes disrupted.   

Development in Autism and Developmental Delay 0 to 5 years - Developed by associate Cat Burns of Mama Bebe.  12 hours.  This course is a walk through human development that points out many correlations in  developmental differences in people with autism and developmental delay.  Learn to identify issues in differing stage of development and learn that it is never too late to fill in developmental gaps .

Introduction to HANDLE -  12 hours. The Handle Institute International trains people worldwide in the holistic approach to neuro-development and learning efficiency.  This is an introduction to the world of neurodevelopment and the principles that work. 

Introduction to Autism Online Course: Today the chances are good that you know someone with autism or autism-like characteristics.  Whether you know a little or a lot about autism, this course will give you useful information about the autism spectrum.  Although everyone on the autism spectrum is an individual, this course outlines a constellation of developmental differences common in autism that lead to the key concerns of social and communication issues.  By understanding the underlying components of developmental differences in those on the spectrum, teachers, parents and others can reframe their own preconceived expectations and help support the learning and behavior for those with autism.  Learn to more clearly understand the world from the perspective of someone with autism. Click here for more information.

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