Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any special training to attend a Fusion Training Course?

No, anyone is invited to attend our courses.  Occupational, physical and speech therapists, teachers, parents, chiropractors, psychologists, doctors, doulas, midwives, naturopaths, massage specialists, or anyone interested in how our sensory-motor-reflex systems work and affect living.

What does one learn in the Fusion Trainings?

Our courses are a fusion of the newest developments in sensory-motor-reflex research and techniques.  We look at the theory, but also the practices to increase efficiency in human developmental functioning.

What ages benefit from this work?

All ages can benefit when issues with the sensory-motor-reflex areas are improved and made to work more efficiently.

How do I get a Fusion Training Course in my area?

The easiest way to get a Fusion Training Course to your town is to sponsor a course.  Often with as few as 12 people, we can offer a world class course.  If you are unable to sponsor a course, finding a place or group to sponsor or even offering a place for a course can be very useful.  If there is enough interest in the area, Fusion can sponsor a course.

How do I become a sponsor for a Fusion Course?

Becoming a Fusion Sponsor is a great way to bring our trainings to your area and earn money at the same time.  All Fusion Sponsors earn 30% of the gross non-scholarship income of a course if the minimum attendence number is reached.  As a sponsor, you receive a sponsor packet to help you, each step of the way.  Registration, space needs and getting the word out is only a few of the ways the Fusion works to help to put on a sucessful course. Contact us today for more information. 

Do you have scholarships for courses?

There are discounts for groups from the same organization, seniors, fulltime students and repeat attendees.  Early registration gives even a greater discount.  Sponsors are given right to scholarship individuals.  These scholarships usually comes out of the income the sponsor generates from the course.  

Do you give CEU's for courses?

We have course objectives and certificates that allow individuals to submit to their boards for CEU credits.  It seems that in most states these are adequate.

Can I get college credit for these courses?

Fusion training does not have a formal relationship with one college for credit.  However, many colleges and universities have ways for individuals to add these courses into their degree programs.   

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